South Florida Value-Add Investments

With guidance and oversight from Chairman Chuck Cobb, Grass River’s equity investment team targets South Florida infill properties for value-add repositioning, adaptive re-use and ground-up development projects. Grass River’s proven capabilities and long relationships with local brokers, architects, contractors, lawyers and banks, not only enhance execution, but also provide a consistent flow of unique opportunities in local markets. Grass River’s sourcing advantage, differentiated capabilities and hands-on asset management reduce risk and enhance return across the investment life cycle.

In addition to local relationships and execution capabilities, Grass River draws on decades of experience spanning U.S. and international markets. This perspective provides a clear view of unique South Florida demand drivers and supply constraints that benefit the investment strategy over both near and longer-term horizons:

  • South Florida’s original growth drivers — scenic beauty, warm weather, business-friendly environment – each year are attracting even greater numbers of talented and affluent immigrants from around the U.S. and abroad;
  • In recent years, the unique “Americas Gateway” economic engines in finance, trade, media, healthcare and tourism have stoked business formation and high-value job creation that further grow and diversify South Florida’s economy; and
  • Simultaneously, South Florida’s unique geography limits the supply of buildable land and drives property values by focusing future growth into the increasingly dense urban districts where Grass River targets investment.